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Attendance Policy

Consistent class attendance is a critical component for students’ academic success and completion of graduation requirements. As a result, Heritage’s attendance policy and procedures have been carefully designed to encourage regular student attendance through the implementation of a combination of interventions and consequences. You can view the complete Heritage attendance policy by clicking here.


Attendance Procedures
  • Parents need to call the Attendance Office to excuse their student’s absence by 12 noon of the day following the absence. Notes are not accepted at high school.
  • If a student needs to be excused from school early for an appointment, please call the Attendance Office the day before the appointment and have the student pick up a pass to excuse him/her from class on the day of the appointment. For detailed instructions on how to phone in for an early release pass for a student that must leave during a class for an appointment, please click here.
  • Students must check in at the Attendance Office when they arrive to school late.
  • Parents should notify the Attendance Office at least one week prior to pre-arranged absences of three or more days.
  • Students are allowed to self-medicate in high school providing they do not share their medicine. We do not stock aspirin or other over-the-counter medication in the office.

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